How often do you get feedback from clients about the bids you lost?

If you don’t get feedback on your proposals, you can’t improve. This is true in other areas of business and is certainly true in writing proposals.

You need to know what the client liked and didn’t like. What hit the mark, and what didn’t. What differentiated you and what didn’t It’s about getting their perception of your bid for continuous improvement.

It’s not easy to ask and sometimes not easy to listen, but if you want to write successful proposals, you need to get feedback.

This is the second podcast of the series from the book “Win More Business … Write Better Proposals.

In this podcast, we discuss the importance of feedback and how to get it even if there isn’t a debrief  in the RFP process.

If you don’t want to make the same mistakes twice with your losing proposals, listen to this podcast.

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