This is the first podcast of the series from the book “Win More Business … Write Better Proposals.

In this podcast, you get 7 techniques you can use the next time you write a proposal to improve your chances of winning more business. Winning is more than just putting words on paper, it’s taking a strategic approach to your written proposal instead of a tactical approach.

Whether you are a small business owner or Vice President, Business Development of a major corporation, you can learn new things from Michel Theriault to improve your written proposals.

Learn from his success writing winning proposals as well as his experience working with clients to develop Request for Proposals (RFP’s), questions, evaluation criteria, training of evaluators and reviewing proposal submissions.

Here are the 7 Strategies:

  1. Develop a Strategy
  2. Answer the Damned Question
  3. Avoid Boilerplate Material
  4. Mirror Your Client
  5. Differentiate Yourself
  6. Readable Structure
  7. Clear Writing

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