Do You Need To Win More Bids?

Your competition is getting more sophisticated so you need to up your game to compete and Win more business

Use this book to develop strategies that win, learn the key techniques to influence the evaluators and find out how to structure and write your text to get maximum points.

Why is this book important?

RFP's take time and effort, so you need to get the most out of your investment. Winning is the only reason you write an RFP and this book will give you some inside secrete on how to get higher evaluations.

You can use boilerplate material to save effort. Others do it. But clients are expecting more and your proposal will end up at the bottom of the pile if you don't speak directly to their needs.

You can get your sales people to write the proposal, but sales and proposals are two different things. Proposals are like a one-sided sales conversation and no salesman knows how to handle that situation! If they can't read expressions and body language or expand, explain or redirect based on questions, they are lost.

You can hire a writer, but you'll get more of the same. Writers can make it read well, but you'll be missing the content the reviewers are looking for to give you high points.

Win More Business - Write Better Proposals

This book is Different. It's written by Michel Theriault, who's been on both sides of the procurement table, writing bids for multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts and also writing helping clients procure services and evaluating the bids - just like yours!

You get an easy-to-read 250 page book with sections and headings that let you skim through it and read what you need to read.

“Incredible job on that book! That was the best work I have read on Proposals. The best thing is that it came from someone who has been on BOTH sides of the negotiating table. We are revamping our proposal based on your book. In the past I paid 10 times what your book cost and didn’t get a fraction of the value. Thank you for this important contribution to the industry” – Ed Selkow.

Things Clients Want You To Know

We interviewed evaluators and they told us exactly what they want to see and don't want to see when they review proposals. Their comments are grouped into these areas:

  • Differentiate Yourself
  • Skip the Sales Pitch
  • Follow The Format
  • Understand the Requirements
  • Don't assume Familiarity
  • Don't give us Marketing Fluff
  • Show Us that you Care
  • Don't Use Boilerplate Material
  • What Not To do

After reading this book:

  • I will be able to develop proposal strategy that gets me an advantage over my competition.
  • I will know how to establish the issues, themes and hot buttons that matter to my client.
  • I will be able to position our offering using easy research and knowledge about the client that is easy to find.
  • I will understand how to differentiate our company from the competition
  • I’ll be able to ‘Ghost’ my competition by trashing them without saying anything about them.
  • I will know how to develop formats and structures to present our benefits and our message so they clearly and concisely convey your message.
  • I will be able to implement a writing approach that gets better results from contributors, including staff and subcontractors.
  • I will know what your potential clients want you to know when you respond to their RFP’s.
  • I will be able to write a proposal to get the best possible scores from reviewers.

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“As a former purchasing agent who has seen many poor replies to proposals, this book captures the essence of how to write a winning proposal. Now as a consultant, reading this book and following much of the advice helped my associates and I prepare a much better proposal we recently submitted. While we were competing with significant and entrenched competition, Michel’s tip’s were valuable in gaining insight on the client and focusing us on the deliverables. This gave us more confidence knowing that we gave it our best ‘win or lose" - David Katz, CEO, Sustainable Resources Management Inc.

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But I'm confident you'll get more than just $16 in value, so go ahead and get the book. Your company will appreciate it.



Take it from me, from someone who's read and reviewed bids from companies of all sizes and types, this book will give you a competitive advantage for your next bid. Put the key concepts into effect, and you'll save time and get better results in your proposals.

Michel Theriault

Author, Win More Business - Write Better Proposals

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