Our upcoming book is packed with techniques, strategies and ideas about how you can write better proposals that win more business.

Whether you write proposals yourself or have a business development team to rely on, this book will make your life easier and get you better results from the analysis to the packaging of your proposal.

Geared to suppliers, many of the techniques and strategies are also relevent to grant writers and research proposal writers responding to requests for proposals.

It is also a useful reference for clients writing RFP’s. Understanding the best techniques for responding will help you develop better RFP’s that are easier to respond to and more likely to get good written proposals that give you the information you need to evaluate the bidders.

It is planned for publication In January, 2010 and will be available on Amazon.com and other internet based sources, including right here from us.

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Our Book "Win More Business - Write Better Proposals". is now available at Amazon in many countries, including the USA , Canada, UK, Japan, Germany and France. You can also order it directly from the author on this website