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Thanks for visiting my bonus content page. I have some useful material for you and will continue to add more.

The free download contains these files:

  1. A word file that includes all the checklists from the book. You are free to use them for your own internal company use in your proposal development process. You can re-format them, edit them, add or change the checklist items to suit your own specific needs.
  2. A more detailed 1-page PDF verson of the POWER Writing system described in the book.
  3. A simple, easy to use 2-page form to develop your message and prepare you for writing the proposal. It can be used for other writing requirements as well.

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Since you knew how to access this hidden page, you must have a copy of my book. I trust you find it useful when planning, developing or writing your proposal responses. Please let me know what you think about it, I’d love to hear from you.

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