Selling is an important concept that too many proposal writers and business development professionals forget is actually part of the proposal process.

Unlike a typical sale where you have a conversations with your client and convince them to buy what you’re selling, a proposal isn’t a real conversation – it’s one sided.In a proposal, you really only get one chance to say what you need to say to win the sale. You can’t regroup, call them back, clarify, expand, address their objections or use your well honed listening skills or sales radar to shift gears and take a run at closing the sale from a different angle.

There is no such thing as a ‘trial close’.

You can’t revise your price based on the reaction you see on their face or propose alternatives to pricing models, specifications or scope based on your probing questions and insightful discussion.

While my book “Win More Business – Write Better Proposals” touches on many of the techniques you can use to close the sale with a one-sided conversation and shows you how to implement them in your proposal, you should also learn more about the art of selling itself.

You can read books. You can take workshops or seminars. You can even listen to podcasts and read blogs. However you do it, try to understand how to sell better and translate those techniques into your proposal – without overdoing it.

I believe an easy way to learn quickly and efficiently is from blogs, which is why I have the blog you’re reading right now called “How To Win More Business” and my podcast “Write Winning Proposals”, both focused on helping you win more business by writing better proposals.

One of the better sales related blogs I read is by Anthony Iannarino that’s appropriately called “The Sales Blog”. Anthony writes insightful, detailed material almost every day. While his topics don’t always match what you need when you write proposals, if you are trying to win more business, you can learn from him. If you want to up your game, read “The Sales Blog”.

Other great blogs I follow are “Top Sales Blog” by Will Fultz  and “Services Marketing Blog” by Mark Schultz.

Of course, there are many others out there. The blogs I mention above all have their own lists of sales blogs you can check out. The important part is that you start reading them – sales techniques are an important part of winning proposals. Just remember, It’s a one sided sales conversation.

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