When I delivered my proposal writing seminar at an industry conference recently, the association who organized the conference videotaped me delivering some tips. They will be distributing it to their members later this year.

I thought I’d try creating similar videos with a proposal writing tip in each one, in addition to my podcasts. Here are the first two.  Eventually, I’ll make a special page for videos. In the mean time, let me know what you think.

Video #1

Here is the first one, called “Don’t Write Backwards!”, a problem I see many companies do when they start writing their proposals.

YouTube Video: Don’t write backwards!

Video # 2

The second one is titled “How Do You Look To Your Client?” and has nothing to do with your hair cut. It’s about the impression your writing can give your client and focuses on a key issue.

YouTube Video: How do you look to your client?

Are you struggling with proposals? Having a hard time getting them out the door on time and in good shape, not sure whether you are hitting the mark? Are you losing proposals and don’t know why?

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Yes, writing proposals is hard and it can be a chore, but I’ll bet you can write better ones if you go through my tips and then use a strategic process for the next one you write instead of just starting to write. I can even conduct a workshop for you and others in your organization.

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