Helping You Win

Are you winning enough business?

If not, It may be your proposal. Does your potential client see you as the best, or just run of the mill? Are you making all kinds of claims and not backing them up? The client won’t believe you just because you say it’s true.

If you want to improve your proposals, you can read my book or get me involved from simply reviewing your proposals and giving you feedback or helping you with the strategy and execution of your proposals.

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Your proposals must be clear, concise and compelling. It needs to differentiate you from the competition and convince your client. Are you doing that, or just using boilerplate material? Are you struggling with each proposal to churn it out?

Here’s what one buyer said about the proposals he sees:

“Perhaps the most annoying habit is sending back a 15-page proposal where 13 pages of it is boilerplate. Bidders should spend the time on the front end submitting a proposal that is unique and has unique solutions.”

Are you responsible for a business development team who writes large proposals yet can’t seem to break through with your proposals and feel you are spinning your wheels?

Are you selling your own services and don’t know how to write a good proposal yet?

I’ve learned what to do and what not to do and how to do it effectively and easily. Now I can share it with you.

You can read my book and learn how to write better proposals and win more business. Not only have I written winning proposals, I’ve work on the other side, with the procurement departments and clients you are trying to convince. You can get insider knowledge that’s based on my work developing RFP documents, conducting procurement initiatives, evaluating bid submissions and coaching evaluators.

If you’re stuck on the first page, you can use the checklists, tips and over 50 examples that illustrate the techniques and demonstrate the good, the bad and the ugly. In fact, when you buy the book, you can access MS Word versions of the checklists you can use in your own proposal process.

For $19.95US, It’s a small price to pay, even if you only learn one thing.

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What you will learn from the book:

  • Learn how developing a strategy can help you get an advantage over your competition when writing your proposal.
  • Understand how to establish the issues, themes and hot buttons that matter to your client and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Get ideas on how to position information using easy research and knowledge about the client that you didn’t realize you had.
  • Learn how to differentiate yourself from the competition and ‘Ghost’ your competition by trashing them without saying anything about them.
  • Develop formats and structures to present your messages and information so they clearly and concisely convey your message.
  • Implement a writing approach that gets better results from your contributors, including staff and subcontractors.
  • Learn what your potential clients want you to know when you respond to their RFP’s.

Quick Proposal Tune-Up

Discuss your Quick Proposal Tune-Up: Ask Michel about this option

Do you know what’s expected by your clients? If not, you won’t be able to write a great proposal.

We review your written proposal from an evaluator’s perspective and focus on the things you should do differently to make it more compelling. Since we’re objective, we will give you feedback you won’t get from internal reviews.

Sometimes it needs lots of work, sometimes there are only a few things. Either way, you will improve your proposals with the review by tuning up what you already do.

The review includes:

  1. A review of your written proposal (The entire proposal or key areas, depending on the length)
  2. An interactive one hour telephone debrief on the proposal with general observations, issues and recommendations that you can implement.

In Depth Proposal Critique

Discuss how an In- Depth Proposal Critique can help you: Ask Michel about this option

Sometimes, you want a more detailed review to give you more details and written recommendations and comments.

Like the quick proposal critique, it’s done from a reviewer’s perspective by someone who is objective. This option is much more in depth and focussed on specific items. It’s good for larger proposals or team driven proposals where written comments can be more readily used. Some clients have us review a failed proposal, or you can get a proposal reviewed before you submit it.

The detailed review provides you with lots of things you can do to improve your proposals. This review is done remotely, but if you want a face-to-face debrief, it can be arranged.

The review includes:

  • A full review of your written proposal (i.e. the questions you answer)
  • A written report which provides comments on each question (a detailed critique)
  • General observations about the proposal as a whole, along with recommendations about things to keep doing and things to improve.
  • A 2 hour telephone debrief on the proposal to go through the comments. (with you, your writers/contributors, etc.) An on-site debrief is also available.

The cost of this service depends on your proposal. Send me info about the number of questions and the length of the proposal response to get a quote and book time for the review.

Proposal Writing Workshop

  Workshop : Win More Business (235.0 KiB)

Send your preferred dates and location to see whether we can accommodate you: Ask Michel about this option

If you usually have a team involved in your proposal writing, whether it’s with external subcontractors, internal subject matter experts or proposal writers, this session is ideal.

There are two options. A stand-alone ½ day session (4 hours) or a ½ day session followed by consultation to review and discuss a current or past proposal to see what you can do to change your proposals for the better or discuss things you can do for the one you are currently writing.

Not everyone likes to learn from books, and this session gives you the hands-on opportunity to ask questions and dig deeper in the areas that are important to you. These training sessions are ideal for small groups of 8 or less.

Training Only

  • 4 hours of training (you provide room, projector, padboard, coffee, lunch, etc.) with exercises and discussion.
  • A workbook for each participant with all the material. (almost 100 pages, includes exercises and interaction)

Training and Consultation Together

  • 4 hours of training (you provide room, projector, padboard, coffee, lunch, etc.
  • 4 hours of discussion/review of your past or current proposals with the participants to discuss practical application of the techniques and help them identify what they need to do to win more business. Strategy is established, techniques applied and participants re-write sections which are then reviewed. This is a very interactive session that is adapted to suit the client needs.
  • A workbook for each participant with all the material. (almost 100 pages, includes exercises and interaction)

Proposal Writing Seminars

  Seminar : Win More Business (242.6 KiB)

Whether you’re an association looking for a powerful, useful seminar for your members to help them be more successful at your next conference or you’re responsible for developing a valuable company conference, we are can speak to your audience about how to win more business with better proposals

Email me with the association name, location, dates and preferred format and length. I’ll get back to you so we can discuss availability, fees and logistics.

Send your preferred dates and location to see whether we can accommodate you. Ask Michel about this option

Proposal Development Support

To support your proposal process, this is a highly customizable service, which can include some or all of the following:

  • Helping you set up an efficient proposal development process and team.
  • Facilitating, leading or helping you develop your proposal response strategy.
  • Facilitating a SWAT analysis including developing themes and messages.
  • Developing key points, format, structure and messaging for your proposal writers before they start writing.
  • Reviewing proposal during development, asking key questions, challenging the proposal and recommending changes.
  • Final Red Team review and critique

Contact me for a free telephone consultation where we can explore your needs and establish the best approach to helping you develop your next proposal. Ask Michel about this option