The only reason you write proposals is to win more business.

Simply put, winning means getting your client to choose your proposal over your competition. While your financial proposal may sometimes be the deciding factor, the right proposal will tilt the odds in your favor. With the right techniques, you may even win more business without the lowest price.

A clear strategy for winning is the foundation for writing a successful proposal. The proposal is your primary communication tool with the prospective client, and you don’t usually get a chance to explain, elaborate or clarify what you write.

Developing a strategy will deliver a clear, concise and compelling message to your prospective client that is easy for them to see and evaluate. It will take into account what they really need, not just what they say in the RFP. It will use your competition’s weaknesses and strengths to your advantage.  It will position your company’s benefits in the eyes of the client. It will convey all this to your prospective client clearly to minimize their evaluation efforts and get the highest possible evaluation score.

When writing your proposal, the goal is to persuade your prospective client that you are better than your competition. To do this, you must develop strong messages the proposal evaluators will see and remember, giving you a higher rating than your competition and awarding you the business.

Of course, this also applies to grant writing and research proposals. The same strategies and techniques will help convince the funding organization that your grant request or research should be funded.

Sounds simple, but your competition is trying to do the same thing. You need to take a more strategic approach to beat them at the game and win more business.

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” –- Sun Tzu, Chinese General

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